- Survey
- Consultancy & Design
- Implementation
- Integration
- O&M

Telecom, electrical & Infrastructure cover a wide range of fields:

- Installation and transformation of Generated energy from solar panel (Clean energy)
- In house wiring (electrical, telephone and network cables)
- Wireless Communication (LTE, SGM, TETRA, WiFi, Microwave, VSAT)
- Fiber Optic (FTTx solution, OSP/ISP design and roll-out, Active & Passive Components, Accessories, Testing Tools)
- Data Center & Clouding (Infrastructure, Network Integration, Operation & Network Management)
- Call Centers (Site feasibility, Interior design and setting up brand new centers, Expanding and re-engineering for existing call center, Call center outsourcing inbound /outbound calls.
- Integrated systems (CCTV, Access Control, Monitoring Solutions)Type your paragraph here.